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9th-Mar-2020 08:55 pm - Amy's adventures
Amy thoughtful or face shot
Amy's first trip to the Nexus

Amy answered 'What's your least favorite place to be right now?'

Amy met Sludge

Amy goes to a Christmas party.

Amy met Terra the Stardroid

Amy's first Christmas away from her family

quiet moment with Sludge after she's left her homeworld

met a TFA Ratchet

giving away furniture and other stuff

Amy answered 'What do you think of your alternates, if you have them?'

looking for advice

Brought Sludge some cookies

double date with Kigan and Cureall to the amusement park!

Sludge got LOLd :(

day two of Sludge's LOL

spoke to a femme named Genatria

stopped in the Nexus while bringing the kids home

looking for advice in the Nexus

met Sludge's brothers, went dress shopping.... And got married.

sick day

back in the Nexus

provided a towel to an unexpected Nexus swimsuit streaker

met a Ratchet who'd been LOLd into a wer-bear

spoke to a knight

saw some baby mages

helped a girl called Lady get a PINpoint

talked to Jackie again

would I want to live in my perfect world?

talked to a woman named Sandra

answered the questions of a Longarm

what can't I live without?

talked with Yammark about catching up

talked to a Tunnel Rat about strange food

"What considerations are required before one produces new life?"

talked to a Spider Man in a different kind of suit

talked to a rusty dead Decepticon

Sway's first time in the Nexus, we talked to Quint

offered a Ratchet ideas on dealing with a curious new bot

spoke to a being named Telrim about art

met new people when Sway and I brought Optimus to see Oriana in the Nexus

stopped to ask a question on my way home from the mall

spoke to a very logical young robot by the sign

talked with a young man who is raising an adorable sparklet

spoke with the very logical young robot again

told a young human that I didn't think being upset over nearly losing a file was stupid

Sludge was LOLd again. He's human this time

What is so funny about LOLing my husband?

Met Agrias again. She's got a little dragon baby.

Talked about hobbies in the Nexus.

Sway helped ask a Nexus question.

Helped a femme named Sparkshield find her way around.
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